US offers $50,000 reward for information on deaths of endangered wolves

US offers ,000 reward for information on deaths of endangered wolves

Three endangered gray wolves were found dead in Oregon. Authorities are now offering a $50,000 reward for information about their deaths.

The bodies were found after the collars of the two wolves gave a “death signal” on December 29, according to CNN.

The signals led the authorities to their bodies. There they found another dead wolf, without a collar. Federal officials do not have any details about how the wolves died.

So they are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest, criminal conviction or civil penalty in connection with the death of the animals.

Photo: bazil/Depositphotos

“The collared wolves belonged to Gyhart’s mountain pack. This is an adult breeding female and a younger individual.” – the message says. The third wolf was also young.

Gray wolves living in western Oregon are a protected species, listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act.

According to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service, there are currently only seven wolves left in the Gearhart Mountain pack, including one breeding male.

People with information about the wolf deaths are urged to contact the federal agency or the Oregon State Police.

We will remind, in Ukraine they plan to protect wolves at the legislative level.

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