“War should not be romanticized”: the story of a soldier who was blown up by a mine and lost his foot. PHOTO

“War should not be romanticized”: the story of a soldier who was blown up by a mine and lost his foot.  PHOTO

Serhiy Yevtushenko, a 34-year-old wounded serviceman who was blown up by a mine in June of this year and lost his foot as a result, is undergoing rehabilitation in Lviv. Two months after the injury, the soldier wore a prosthesis, reports the First Medical Association of Lviv. Serhiy was born and lived in the village of Tynne, Rivne region. Until February 24, 2022, he worked as a construction worker, but on that day he decided to change his profession and voluntarily joined the territorial defense forces. The first year he served in his native region on the border with Belarus. In April of this year, he transferred to the 3rd separate assault brigade, which is fighting in one of the hottest spots, in particular in the Bakhmut direction. Photo: The First Medical Association of Lviv Serhii was wounded there on June 13. “We were going to change guys. A fellow who was walking in front was blown up by a mine. I ran up to help him and didn’t notice that there was another mine right next to him. One wrong move and I’m blown up too. I remember every second. I hear a click and the whole earth flies up with me. When I recovered, I saw that there were no toes on one foot,” says the man. Serhii himself put on a tourniquet and crawled to the evacuation point. Then there were three hospitals, in each of which surgeons tried to save the soldier’s limb, after which he was sent to Lviv. “Serhiy came to us in a serious condition with signs of infection in his foot and lower leg. After an examination by doctors, in order to avoid the spread of infection, a decision was made to repeat the amputation of the left lower limb,” says hospital surgeon Vladyslav Bogutskyi. Read also: “The worst dream came true”: the story of a soldier who got out of a burning tank Photo: First Medical Association of Lviv In the end, the wound healed successfully and the man was able to wear an artificial limb. After learning to walk on a prosthesis, the soldier wants to visit his comrades, with whom he was blown up by landmines in June and who lost both limbs. After that, the man intends to return to the army. “War should not be romanticized. War is the smell of burning human flesh and pain,” the soldier added. It will be recalled that the serviceman who was seriously wounded in mid-February 2023, when a bullet stuck near his heart, recovered and returned to the front. Read also: “He screamed in pain so that the surrounding villages could hear”: the story of a soldier who lost both legs at the front. PHOTO

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