What are the duties and powers of a school safety officer? The educational ombudsman explains

What are the duties and powers of a school safety officer?  The educational ombudsman explains

The “Educational Security Service” project will operate in schools located near the border with Russia and Belarus, as well as in the frontline regions.

As part of the initiative, law enforcement officers will work in educational institutions to ensure security, said the educational ombudsman Serhii Gorbachev.

He explained that a competition among police officers has already been announced for these positions. They will work in schools for half a year, and then return to their previous duties.

Where the educational security project will be implemented

Photo: Juvenile Police of Ukraine

The project is being implemented in 402 institutions of general secondary education. It will operate in the following areas:

  • Volynsk;
  • Dnipropetrovsk;
  • Zhytomyr;
  • Zaporizhzhia;
  • Kyiv;
  • Mykolayivska;
  • Rivne;
  • Sumy;
  • Chernihivska

In these regions, there are a large number of explosive objects that pose a threat to children.

What are the tasks and powers of an education officer

The main duty of an officer of the Educational Security Service is to contribute to the creation of a safe educational environment in an educational institution within the limits of his powers.“, the educational ombudsman noted.

Officers’ powers include:

  • prevention of emergency situations;
  • organization of access regime;
  • interaction with the participants of the educational process;
  • communication with emergency services;
  • personal response to offenses and, if necessary, calling the police.

“Many schools will install special frames and metal detectors, which will help identify dangerous prohibited items that someone may bring to school. After all, Ukrainian lands are currently the most mined in the world. In addition, there are many remnants of shells, cartridges and other explosive objects in the border regions of the state and in the territories close to the line of hostilities.“, Gorbachev added.

As an educational officer will interact with the head of the school

The officer will interact and cooperate with the head of the educational institution and will report to the community police department.

Education officers must create a security system to keep outsiders, weapons, or explosives out of the school.

That is why the head of the educational institution should develop a procedure for parents visiting the school in advance and notify the police about them in advance.

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