what makes the NOVUS network’s own import special

what makes the NOVUS network’s own import special

Affordable price and constant promotional offers

The main goal of NOVUS is to offer customers quality products at an affordable price. In this way, it is possible to interest consumers in new, less advertised, but high-quality and tasty products.

In addition, the supermarket chain constantly conducts promotions on various groups of imported goods. It is noted here that the price factor is now extremely important for Ukrainians. Therefore, discounts become a strong incentive to please yourself and your loved ones with foreign products.

For example, NOVUS is the only chain that regularly holds Wine Festivals. During this period, customers receive a 40% discount on the entire range of still and sparkling wine from foreign producers.

You can always catch current offers in supermarkets. Every two weeks, the network updates the promotional assortment of products, among which many imported products are presented. For example, from 21.03 to 3.04, you can buy Spanish Serrano jamon, Dziugas sweet butter, various types of coffee, Loyd tea, Bona Vita breakfast cereals, German Müller yogurts, Italian pasta La Molisana and La Ruvida, Lithuanian chocolate Meskenas and Pergale with interesting flavors or Spanish Trapa or Valor.

Swiss brands Carré Suisse and Lindt can also be found on the shelves. Pleasant discounts will also be offered on a wide range of wines during this period. And also – Luglio Italian balsamic vinegars, El Sabor sauces, Minos Greek spices, Lorenz chips, Food basket olives and a wide selection of fish preserves – Calvo tuna in own juice, Banga salmon. You can also try canned slices of Vera brand mandarins or mango slices of the same brand.

Over many years of working with its own imports, NOVUS notes a certain seasonality. For example, before the Christmas holidays, the demand for meat products, cheeses and sparkling wines increases. But in February, buyers are interested in chocolate and candies. This is due to the approach of the most romantic day of the year. A romantic dinner will help you do something nice for your loved one and remind them of your feelings.

Delicious Italian pasta with canned tuna is perfect for this. You can also serve sliced ​​cheese with ham and cheese. As we mentioned earlier, until the third of April, all these products can be bought at the most favorable price.

You can complement a romantic dinner with Faustino VII Sauvignon Blanc wine with a fresh, balanced taste, an intense herbal aroma and hints of white flowers, which will perfectly complement poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables and creamy fatty cheeses. In addition, you can try the classics – semi-dry white wine Freschello Bianco or sparkling Pirovano Prosecco.

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