Why does Shufrych need a chandelier-fountain in cellophane? Searches in the house of the scandalous People’s Deputy are being discussed in social networks

Why does Shufrych need a chandelier-fountain in cellophane?  Searches in the house of the scandalous People’s Deputy are being discussed in social networks

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Nestor Shufrych is suspected of treason, namely of cooperation with an employee of the Russian FSB, ex-Nardeput Volodymyr Sivkovich. In the house of a politician in the village of Kozyn, Kyiv region, the Security Service of Ukraine is conducting searches, during which they found a lot of interesting things. The photos released by the department show that there is a fountain or a huge chandelier wrapped in cellophane in the Shufrych building. In addition to Russian symbols and uniforms, a gallery of goat skulls was also found in the premises where the people’s deputy lives. Social networks reacted to the events briskly. One of the most important questions that Ukrainians ask is – what exactly is in the cellophane in Shufrych’s house? A chandelier or a fountain? There are also no answers to the question – why does the people’s deputy have a chandelier-fountain and why didn’t he unpack it? “Instead of an alarming suitcase, Shufrych has an alarming chandelier,” writes journalist Yevhen Zavhorodniy. UP journalist Roman Kravets and “Detektor media” editor Otar Dovzhenko build versions: why Shufrychu fountain after all. Ukrainians also remember the stormy political past of Shufrych, because he was repeatedly a participant in various fights, after which he walked around with bruises. Other contributors do not understand why no one has taken investigative action against Shufrych for so long, because this person has been in politics for a very long time and has openly pro-Russian views and a bad reputation. “In the tenth year of the war, a year and a half after the full-scale invasion, the special services finally saw what the whole country saw – a large network of Russian agents operating in Ukraine. And, oh, surprise (actually, no), the members of the network are well-known representatives of Medvedchuk’s party, who for decades they did not publicly hide their attachment to the Kremlin. Some were even searched. Well, it’s better late than never. Although the question of why it’s so late continues to swirl in my head,” writes Yevhen Buderatskyi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Ukrainian Pravda” . Journalist Serhii Rudenko believes that housing can “tell” a lot about the owner-politician. Radio journalist Dmytro Tuzov reminds us that Shufrych has been in politics since the mid-1990s, and during this time he managed to make a considerable fortune. “How this “politician” amassed a considerable fortune is a separate topic. But when the country’s “politicians” live in marble palaces, in which it is quite possible to shoot TV series about the lives of Latin American drug lords, it is a bad sign for the country. This means that the army will not have enough only warplanes and missiles. And also first-aid kits and turnstiles. Because the nation’s resources are used to provide a “living wage” for such “politicians”, he writes. Nestor Shufrych officially headed the committee on freedom of speech in the Verkhovna Rada. Journalist Yevhenii Yakunov puts the rhetorical question: what will happen to the Ukrainian political community if Shufrych is really imprisoned: “Shufrych. Sacred (or infernal) character of the modern Ukrainian epic. The current generation of young political scientists and political bloggers was raised on scary tales about him. No one really knows why he did such a thing, but everyone is sure: Shufrich must be imprisoned. It’s like Carthage. Like Fukuyama’s prophecy – let’s put Shufrich in prison – and the End of History will come. We will remind you that Nestor Shufrych has been the hero of memes more than once. After he was detained by the anti-terrorist battalion in March 2022 for trying to photograph a roadblock, and the photo and video of the detention were distributed on the Internet, Ukrainians took a lot of photos of him. Read also: “Arestovych now has a singer”: Ukrainians were outraged by Serhii Babkin’s song about treason

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