A father saved his son: surgeons transplanted a teenager’s kidney in Lviv

A father saved his son: surgeons transplanted a teenager’s kidney in Lviv

Lviv surgeons performed a kidney transplant on a 15-year-old boy from Volyn, who spent the last five years in hospital wards due to illness.

His father became the donor for Sashko Kozuli, according to the First Medical Association of Lviv.

According to doctors, during the last five years the boy suffered from an autoimmune disease that “destroyed” Sashka’s kidney.


“First at the boy’s swelling appeared and the amount of urine decreased. The cause was an autoimmune disease – systemic lupus erythematosus.

In this disease, the immune system produces antibodies that attack and destroy healthy cells, tissues and organs of the body. This can lead, in particular, to kidney, heart and lung failure.” – said the doctors.

Photo: First Medical Association of Lviv

It was Saška’s kidneys that failed, so for several years the function of the organ was performed by a special apparatus. In order to save the boy, it was necessary to transplant a new organ.

The teenager had to be operated on last year. However, the boy fell ill with the coronavirus and his body weakened even more, so the transplant had to be postponed.


During the year, Sasha’s condition was stabilized. As a result, doctors performed a kidney transplant operation that lasted six hours.

Surgeons removed dad’s kidney laparoscopically – through a small incision – so that his recovery was faster. The father’s kidney started working in his son’s body just on the operating table“, doctors say.

Eight days after the transplant, Sasha was discharged home. Now the boy wants to go fishing with his dad and grandfather and go back to school. This year he is in the 11th grade.

It will be recalled that earlier in Ukraine, two organs were successfully transplanted at once: a pancreas and a kidney for the first time.

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