Abortions will no longer be performed in private clinics in occupied Crimea – Russian Ministry of Health

Abortions will no longer be performed in private clinics in occupied Crimea – Russian Ministry of Health

Private clinics in Crimea, temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation, “voluntarily refused” to provide abortion services.

The relevant decision of the medical institution was announced after the corresponding “proposal” of the Russian Ministry of Health of the occupied Crimea. In this way, they want to “improve the demographic situation”.

From now on, abortions will be performed exclusively in state hospitals, said the “head” of the Russian Ministry of Health of the Occupied Crimea, Kostiantyn Skorupskyi.

This decision was preceded by a “round table” with officials of the Russian Federation and collaborators from the temporarily occupied territories, which supposedly reviewed the experience of countries in which private hospitals “voluntarily refused” to perform abortions.

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“The managers of commercial clinics were asked to contribute to the improvement of the demographic situation by refusing to perform abortions. Colleagues positively evaluated this initiative, and today all private clinics in Crimea have officially informed the Ministry of Health of the region about their voluntary refusal to provide abortion services.”– noted the head of the Russian Ministry of Health of Crimea, Konstantin Skorupskyi.

He claims that in a state hospital, a woman will be able to make a “weighted and considered decision to maintain or terminate a pregnancy.” In these institutions, “they will talk about current measures of social support for families with children, as well as provide psychological counseling to expectant mothers.”

“In all women’s consultations in Crimea, patients who have turned to a gynecologist about abortion are sent to psychological pre-abortion counseling. The specialists help the woman understand herself and the reasons for her decision, and inform about possible support measures from the state.”the “minister” said.

According to his data, more than a thousand women underwent pre-abortion medical and psychological counseling in Crimea in 2023, of which 21.1% decided to keep the child. During the same period in 2022, there were allegedly half as many applicants – 10.1%.

Medical termination of pregnancy is also becoming less accessible in Crimea – these drugs have been added to the list of drugs “subject to objective and quantitative accounting”, so they will be sold only with a prescription.

We will remind you that in 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned a 50-year-old decision that gave the right to abortion. But discussions continue around this issue.

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