An interactive map of shelters has appeared in “Diya”: how it works. VIDEO

An interactive map of shelters has appeared in “Diya”: how it works.  VIDEO

An interactive map of shelters has appeared in the “Action” application. With the help of the service, Ukrainians will be able to find the nearest storage facility, as well as report if it is closed.

Plan a route to the shelter and share it with loved ones. And you can also download the shelter of your region – in case there is no Internet. Stay safe even when offline”– said Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

According to him, in “Diya” you can also rate shelters and leave reviews about them. They will be handed over to local authorities, which will be obliged to react and solve existing problems.

Shelters in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions are not available in “Dia” for security reasons. Fedorov advises to ask local authorities for their addresses.

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Also, in “Action” you can now:

  • see the rating of the shelter and its photo;
  • find out how many people it accommodates and what access to it is.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ihor Klymenko, employees of the State Emergency Service and the police conduct monitoring and quarterly inspections of shelters to update data on their condition and accessibility to the population.

According to him, at the end of 2023, the number of shelters that meet the standards has increased by almost 2,000.

Today, about 84% of more than 60,000 civil defense facilities in the territory controlled by Ukraine meet the established requirements, the minister claims. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, this figure was three times lower.

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Data from the Unified Information System of Accounting for Shelters will be displayed in “Actions” along with a photo and description of a specific object. All for the convenience of citizensKlymenko added.

We will remind, recently two schoolchildren and a dog were not allowed in the shelter during an air raid in the capital. The guard explained this by the fact that other children may be allergic to dog hair. While the children were looking for another shelter, an enemy target was shot down in the sky above them.

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