“Care in gestures”: the sign language interpreter of the National Selection, who “tore up” social networks, talked about her path in the profession

“Care in gestures”: the sign language interpreter of the National Selection, who “tore up” social networks, talked about her path in the profession

This year, for the first time, viewers of the National Selection for “Eurovision” were translated into sign language. Thanks to the emotional translation of the participants’ songs, sign language translator Kateryna Zabotkina became a real star of social networks – Ukrainians even called for her to be sent to “Eurovision 2024” in Malmö.

Kateryna Zabotkina admits that she dreamed of such an opportunity for a long time, but two years ago it seemed impossible, because there was no practice of translating the National Selection into sign language in our country.

The girl comes from Kropyvnytskyi. In the world of sign language, she is “self-taught”. She became interested in studying sign language when she was 16 years old.

“About eight years ago, I saw that music can be translated and adapted using sign language. It happened during an ordinary talent contest. At the contest, a group with a soloist who also played the guitar performed. Her song was adapted by a guy with a hearing impairment.

I was very impressed then, I started looking for some other videos that would serve as good examples of such translations. She started learning sign language herself, repeating, memorizing.” – she told “Suspilno”.

The girl recalls that her first movements were very uncertain, and her hands were not prepared for this at all.

“But my passion for sign language motivated me so much that I got to perform songs, my first videos, my first concerts,” the girl said on Facebook.

Later, Kateryna Zabotkina participated in festivals as a translator and worked with a professional teacher of sign language.

Subsequently, together with her colleague Olga Bunaziv, the translator recorded fragments of songs that competed in the national selection, so that deaf people could see fragments.

The girl says that performing the songs of the National Selection is a great honor for her.

“Yesterday at the studio where the National Selection was broadcast, I looked at the small screen on the director’s monitor and saw myself. And I realized that the little girl who watched sign language video lessons in the room and practiced in front of the mirror every day had reached the big stage of the Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest“, Kateryna Zabotkina shared.

The girl also thanked the Ukrainian viewers for their crazy support – she did not expect such attention to the sign language translation of the final of the national selection.

I was just shocked! Thank you to everyone who supported the popularization of sign language with reposts, comments and publications. And memes”she joked.

We will remind you that during the finals of the National Selection for Eurovision 2024, the “Action” application, in which Ukrainians could vote for their favorite, failed. Social network users did not miss this event with their attention and, traditionally, began to joke about them. “UP. Life” collected the wittiest memes.

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