“Considered as outbreaks”: 4 cases of measles were recorded in Odesa in a month

“Considered as outbreaks”: 4 cases of measles were recorded in Odesa in a month

Four cases of measles in unvaccinated children were laboratory-confirmed in Odesa during the month. No fatalities were recorded.

As reported by the Odesa Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the disease was detected in family units – two in each. They are considered as outbreaks.

“The last two laboratory-confirmed cases of measles were registered in one family outbreak, among children aged 3 and 1 years.

During the epidemiologic investigation, it was established that the family arrived in Odesa from Romania, where a national measles epidemic was officially declared on December 5. – the statement says.

An outbreak of measles was recorded in Odesa. Photo: Miilkos/Depositphotos

When the family returned to Odesa, the children’s temperature rose and skin rashes appeared. After that they were hospitalized.

Later, the children were discharged from the hospital in satisfactory condition. They are under the supervision of a family doctor.

As noted in the Odesa Center for Disease Prevention and Control, preventive and anti-epidemic measures are currently underway to contain and eliminate the outbreak.

Measles is a dangerous disease that ranks first in the world in terms of mortality among infectious diseases. Vaccination is the only way to protect against measles.

According to the Center for Public Health, during 2023, 65 cases of measles were registered in Ukraine. At the same time, in 2022 there were only 11 of them.

It will be recalled that the World Health Organization reported that the incidence of measles in Europe has increased more than 30 times. For the entire year 2022, 941 cases of measles were recorded, and from January to October 2023 – more than 30 thousand cases.

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