For the sake of children’s health: in Britain they want to ban the sale of disposable vapes

For the sake of children’s health: in Britain they want to ban the sale of disposable vapes

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said the government will ban the sale of disposable vapes and take a number of measures to reduce the number of smokers among teenagers. This will be implemented at the legislative level.

This is reported by Reuters.

Smoking is one of the biggest human “killers” and the cause of thousands of deaths. The British government is sounding the alarm, because now 9% of children aged 11 to 15 use electronic devices for smoking.

That’s why Sunak said in October 2023 that he plans to pass a law that “anyone born on or after January 1, 2009 will not be able to buy tobacco products for the rest of their lives.”

The sale of electronic smoking devices will be banned in Great Britain. Photo: Lashkhidzetim/Depositphotos

Governments plan to introduce restrictions on the list of vape flavors, as well as change the packaging and display of e-cigarettes to make them less attractive to teenagers.

“Along with our commitment to prevent the legal sale of cigarettes to children 15 years of age or younger this year, these changes will have a lasting impact, protecting the health of our children in the long term.” Sunak said in a statement.

Society mistakenly believes that to quit smoking regular cigarettes, you need to switch to electronic cigarettes. However, the WHO said that vaping is dangerous for people of all ages, but especially for teenagers and their developing brains. Smoking electronic devices can cause not only addiction, but also nicotine poisoning.

Politicians are convinced that this will not only save the lives of the younger generation of Britons, but also help the environment: five million used disposable vapes are thrown away every week.

We previously reported that teenagers who use vape are more likely to smoke regular cigarettes.

Vira Shurmakevich, “UP. Life”

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