Heads of schools will be responsible for non-compliance with the language law – ombudsman

Heads of schools will be responsible for non-compliance with the language law – ombudsman

Directors and heads of educational institutions will be responsible for non-compliance with the language policy during the educational process.

This was stated by Taras Kremin, the Commissioner for Language Protection, in an interview with “Osvitoria”.

According to the language ombudsman, “educational institutions are not a place for double standards or language speculation”, so the state language should be used there.

The Ministry of Education and Science has confirmed: lessons, breaks, and conversations in the cafeteria, during clubs, sports, educational hours and parent meetings — all this is an educational process. Accordingly, it must happen In ukrainian.

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Teachers at school must communicate in the national language, regardless of what language they speak at home.”– explained Taras Kremin.

He also said that during 2023, his secretariat received complaints from citizens about violations of the language law in educational institutions of Ukraine. Thus, 156 of them related to violations of the legislation by teaching and scientific-pedagogical workers of various educational institutions, and another 170 appeals – during the educational process of adult Ukrainians.

“In 13 cases, violators received administrative sanctions in the form of a warning. One fine imposed on school No. 126 of the city of Dnipro and another three on teachers of the Odessa Polytechnic. In Kyiv, there are also violators of the language legislation among educators, they were given a warning.” – said the authorized representative.

In addition, he emphasized that children of immigrants should be treated with special attention. If the parents speak Russian at home, it may be difficult for the child to switch to Ukrainian at school.

“We must be careful not to allow children to be bullied on the basis of language”, Kremin said.

He notes that the transition to the Ukrainian language is irreversible, and the pace of this process depends on each citizen.

“We have no right to allow those who teach our children to violate the language law, because today we are forming new practices for the new generation that will build the state. Therefore, each of us must protect the Ukrainian language.”– noted Kremin.

In the event of a violation of the language law, the commissioner recommends contacting, first of all, directly to the teacher, class teacher, headmaster, or school director in order to resolve the matter peacefully. If it did not help, he urges to file a complaint.

To do this, it is necessary to record the violation in any format, as well as submit a complaint in a convenient format:

  • fill out the form on the website;
  • send to the postal address (01001, Kyiv, Muzeynyi lane, 12)
  • send to the e-mail box ([email protected]).

Earlier, we told which language violations were recorded most often in 2023.

Vira Shurmakevich, “UP. Life”

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