In a German zoo, they decided to kill monkeys of an endangered species: they can be fed to predators

In a German zoo, they decided to kill monkeys of an endangered species: they can be fed to predators

The management of the Nuremberg Zoo has announced its intention to kill the endangered baboons, allegedly due to a lack of space to keep them. This decision caused indignation of animal rights activists.

There are 45 animals living in the zoo and almost half of them are planning to get rid of them, reports the German publication

Some of the animals will be handed over to scientists for further research, and the rest will die.

In a statement, the zoo explained that the group of 45 baboons was too large for the zoo. Only 25 people can live there. Expanding the space would solve the problem for a while.

A baboon jumps onto a tree trunk in its enclosure at Nuremberg Zoo. Photo: alliance/dpa/Daniel Karmann

The director of the zoo, Doug Enke, also said that many measures have already been taken to normalize the number of monkeys. So, five animals were sent to Paris, another 11 to China. The other 15, who were supposed to be sent there, remained in Nuremberg because of “inappropriate conditions of detention.”

Attempts to keep the group’s structure and numbers stable through temporary contraception also failed to produce the desired results, the report said.

The zoo claims that they cannot be released into the wild either, because there are no suitable areas in the areas of origin where the animals could settle and live safely.

Therefore, after “numerous consultations with experts”, the zoo’s animal protection committee concluded that “killing the Guinea baboons may also be a reasonable solution”.

This caused a flurry of outrage from animal rights activists. The organization PETA Germany, which specializes in the protection of animals, accused the zoo of deceiving the public by means of arguments about their alleged protection and threatened to initiate criminal proceedings.

“Killing ‘surplus’, healthy animals is nothing new in zoos. Nuremberg Zoo has killed animals many times in the past, even endangered species such as Mendez’s antelopes. This once again illustrates the extent to which zoo visitors are introduced misleading, talking about the alleged preservation of species.

In the case of the Guinea baboons, which are currently being planned to be killed, the zoo openly admits that reintroduction (return) to the wild is impossible and undesirable.” – says Yvonne Würz, an expert and biologist from PETA Germany.

She also added that the society reacts more violently to the killing of lions or giraffes than to the killing of primates. The latter are often used in zoos as food for other animals.

The organization also assures: if the baboons are still killed, animal rights activists will petition for the opening of a criminal case against the persons who allowed it.

It will be recalled that every fifth migratory species is under threat of extinction.

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