In Germany, they are planning to introduce a new type of partnership, in which there can be up to six people

In Germany, they are planning to introduce a new type of partnership, in which there can be up to six people

By 2025, the German government plans to introduce a new social model of partnerships – Verantwortungsgemeinschaften, which translates from German as “responsibility society”.

German authorities say this could be a way to encourage single and elderly people to share responsibilities and take care of each other when necessary and when emergencies arise, The Mayor i BR 24 reports.

In general, such a program is created for people who have lost a loved one, as well as those who find themselves in a difficult situation. However, young people can also join if they wish.

The system of partnerships will have four levels, each group will choose the best for itself. At the lowest level, people will be able to share only some basic responsibilities, while at the highest level, partners will share responsibility for housing, finances, and taking care of each other.

The German government plans to introduce a “responsibility society”. Photo: lightpoet/Depositphotos

Also, “community of responsibility” can be useful for parents who raise children alone. By joining groups, mothers and fathers will be able to support each other in everyday life.

From two to six people can join such a partnership. The government assures that such a union cannot be considered as an alternative to a traditional marriage: the partners will not be able to receive certain benefits from it or an inheritance.

According to the federal government’s plans, such a community must be notarized. For this, it is necessary to conclude a contract in advance, which its participants can terminate at any time.

However, not everyone accepted this innovation positively. Critics do not believe too much in the success of this case.

The parliamentary faction called for protection against exploitation of members of partnerships. Jan Plobner cited a similar law in France as an example. There, women continue to do unpaid care work and then find themselves financially vulnerable when someone unexpectedly leaves the community.

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Vira Shurmakevich, “UP. Life”

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