The council plans to cancel the deferral for post-graduate contract students: the latter consider the norm discriminatory

The council plans to cancel the deferral for post-graduate contract students: the latter consider the norm discriminatory

In the first reading, the Verkhovna Rada supported draft law No. 10449 on strengthening mobilization. In it, it is proposed to remove the right to postponement of post-graduate students who are getting an education at the expense of individuals or legal entities – i.e. studying on a contract basis.

The community of post-graduate students of Ukraine reacted negatively to such an innovation, noting that “this is a step backwards for the education and science of Ukraine.” According to them, the number of post-graduate students studying with state funds is only 5-10% of the total enrollment.

“Such a discriminatory rule creates a difference between those who pay for education at the expense of the state and those who have to finance their education independently.” – noted in the Community.

Also, the organization believes that graduate students make a great contribution to the defense of our state with their developments.

The graduate student community is outraged by the intention to cancel the deferment for contract workers. Photo: ake1150sb/Depositphotos

“So, for example, since 2022, the amount of research aimed at the development and creation of high-precision equipment for the Armed Forces has significantly increased, which is marked not only by high efficiency, but also by reducing the threat to our soldiers.

In addition, many scientific works relate to the development of drones, cyber defense, the creation of stronger and lighter materials for the production of armor, the provision of innovative methods and means of medical care for use on the battlefield, the improvement of encryption systems for military communications. – they emphasized.

The Community also noted that the draft law violates a number of Ukrainian and international legislative acts that proclaim equality.

“(…) Bill 10449 acts as an open guarantor of inequality, that is, it distinguishes graduate students based on their source of funding, rather than merit, educational achievements or potential.” – the statement says.

Scientists and post-graduate students themselves also reacted to the mobilization changes. All of them see the proposed norms as a danger to the educational and scientific sphere.

According to Victoria, a research associate with 25 years of experience, the mobilization of graduate students can significantly worsen the situation of science in our country in the future.

“Scientific workers are hard to find, and motivating young people is becoming more and more difficult.

The adoption of the draft law, which proposes to remove the deferment for graduate students, will further worsen the situation. In a few years, doctoral students will disappear and there will be few old scientific luminaries left.” – she thinks.

The same opinion is shared by 36-year-old Nazar, a graduate student of the 1st year of the “Mathematics” specialty. He is the author of a mathematical formula and simultaneously works in the field of IT.

“The proposed changes will not only affect the already problematic situation of science in Ukraine, but also the global outflow of specialists in the future.” – emphasizes the man.

Roman, who is at the same time a graduate student-contractor of “Lviv Polytechnic” and an assistant of the department, risks losing both his studies and his career.

“The project of the law 10499 may deprive me not only of my job, but also of the possibility to continue my scientific activity in general. After all, it turns out that I will not be able to defend myself, as well as continue to educate students and provide them with relevant knowledge.” – he says.

At the same time, the draft law provides that those who have obtained professional (vocational-technical), professional pre-higher and higher education, who study full-time or dually and obtain a higher level of education than previously obtained (in particular, post-graduate budget students), as well as doctoral students and interns.

We will remind, in the updated draft law on mobilization, it is proposed to introduce measures of influence on evaders, which can be applied by court decision.

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