In Kyiv, a minibus passenger scolded a woman with a baby whose stroller “blocked his exit”

In Kyiv, a minibus passenger scolded a woman with a baby whose stroller “blocked his exit”

In Kyiv, a 33-year-old minibus passenger had an argument with a 24-year-old woman whose baby carriage apparently blocked his exit.

The conflict was filmed by another passenger of the transport, after which the video spread on the network. In particular, law enforcement officers came across him, the Kyiv police report.

In the video, the woman says that the incident happened to her in the 173 minibus.

“I was specifically waiting for a minibus where you can enter with a stroller, as there are special seats there”– says the woman, adding that the conflict broke out because the husband and the mother ignored the request to move so that she could place the stroller with the child.

Photo: Kyiv police

As the police found out, the incident happened in the Kurenivka housing estate.

The released video shows a man, probably in an inebriated state, provoking a conflict with a woman who entered the minibus with a baby in a stroller.

“The woman entered the minibus with a baby carriage through the back door and, since all the seats were occupied, stood at the door”– the police write.

They add that when the woman and her child tried to get out, the man deliberately blocked their exit from the minibus.

In the end, a probably inebriated local resident got out of the transport at the same stop with the mother and began to express his displeasure at her with obscenities because she blocked his exit.

Photo: Kyiv police

The law enforcement officers established that the violator had previously been brought to administrative responsibility more than once.

He admitted his guilt in the incident that happened.

The man was served with suspicion of committing a crime, provided for in Part 1 of Art. 296 of the Criminal Code (gross violation of public order due to clear disrespect for society).

The sanction of the article provides for a fine or restriction of liberty for up to five years.

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