In Russia, a case was opened due to “LGBT propaganda” in a nightclub – rosZMI

In Russia, a case was opened due to “LGBT propaganda” in a nightclub – rosZMI


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In Russian Orenburg, the club “Pose” was accused of “extremist LGBT activities” and criminal proceedings were opened.

This is stated by Russian mass media with reference to message Ekaterina Mizulina is the head of the “League of Safe Internet”, which was created to censor the Internet in Russia.

According to her, a criminal case has been opened “on the grounds of extremist activity related to the Poza LGBT club” (Part 1 and Part 2 of Article 282.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

“This is the first such criminal case in Russia after the decision of the Supreme Court to recognize LGBT as an extremist movement”, Mizulina claims.

The Russian “League of Safe Internet” was created to “fight against prohibited content on the network.”

According to the Russian mass media, in particular the propagandistic Russian information agency TASSthe visitors of the institution approached the law enforcement officers and reported that they supposedly promote the “extremist LGBT movement” banned in Russia.

We will remind that in November 2023 the Supreme Court of Russia admitted international public movement “LGBT+” as an extremist organization and banned its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We used to reportedthat in 2022 fines were introduced in Russia for LGBT propaganda and gender reassignment to “protect against the darkness from the US and Europe”.

Also there offered put in prison for “repeated propaganda” of LGBT people.

They started in Russia at the beginning of 2024 withdraw world bestsellers from bookstores because of alleged LGBT propaganda.


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