one million bottles were created specifically for special recipients in Ukraine

one million bottles were created specifically for special recipients in Ukraine

Residents in various cities of Ukraine received a “piece of the holiday”

Coca-Cola “For You” was handed over to families who found themselves in difficult life circumstances: internally displaced persons, single parents, large families, persons with disabilities – in all regions of Ukraine. Bottles with a drink that has long been associated with the warm slogan “The holiday is coming” were added to the gift sets created together with partners from humanitarian organizations: the Ukrainian Red Cross, Caritas of Ukraine and BF M.R.I.Y.

“We distribute gift sets to people living in shelters. These are sets of dishes, hygiene kits, products for children and festive Coca-Cola. This sign of attention is important for people, it helps to lift the mood in this difficult time for Ukraine.”– explains Yulia Kholodna, head of the Cherkasy regional organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

In Cherkasy, the gifts were given to families who, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, were forced to move to a safer region. Since the spring of 2022, the city has received about 25,000 internally displaced people. Among them is Liliya, whose family lived in Kharkiv, in the Northern Saltivka district – it was constantly shelled by the Russians from the first days of the full-scale invasion. At first, Liliya’s family moved to the region near Balakleya, but later they were forced to move again when fighting began there. A girl was born in Cherkasy a year ago. Received a gift from Coca-Cola just for the holidays.

“We are very pleased with this help, it was unexpected. Now, unfortunately, we are rarely helped. It is not at all like it was in the first months of moving,” Liliya comments.

In Chernihiv, gifts from the Ukrainian Red Cross and Coca-Cola were given to residents of modular houses. Currently, more than 10,000 Ukrainians from more affected regions are registered in Chernihiv. Mrs. Nadiya, who also received a holiday gift, lives in a modular town together with her husband’s brother, who has been disabled since childhood. In the spring of 2022, they were able to evacuate from Maryanka, which was destroyed by Russians with daily shelling. In Chernihiv, several special modular towns have already been built for the displaced, in particular, a two-story one on Drozda Street. Gifts for the holidays were handed over to the residents by local volunteers.

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