“Our Aeneas is dead!” In memory of actor-defender Volodymyr Fedinchuk

“Our Aeneas is dead!”  In memory of actor-defender Volodymyr Fedinchuk

On January 22, a 31-year-old actor of the Rivne Regional Music and Drama Theater was killed in the battles near Mykhailivka, Donetsk region. Volodymyr Fedinchuk.

At the Rivne regional theater, Fedinchuk appeared on stage in leading roles in plays “Wojcek” by Georg Buchner, “On the field of blood” based on Lesya Ukrainka’s poem. For his monologue, Yuda won the Grand Prix of the XVIII All-Ukrainian Contest of Performers of the Artistic Word named after Lesya Ukrainka. Performance “Granary”directed by Maksym Golenko and in which Volodymyr also played, is in the running for the Shevchenko Prize this year.

The theater announced the death of the actor late on Sunday, January 29, on its social networks.

Just a month ago, he was wearing a suit and going on stage, to you… And then he put on a uniform and went to the front. Not to the headquarters, not to the school. Not where it is dry and warm. At zero… He could not do otherwise. I didn’t know how to “get a cock”… Not in life, nand on stage, nand in the war. Now we have another Guardian Angel in heaven and an unhealed wound in our hearts“, this was the announcement of the Rivne theater by muzdras about the death of Volodymyr Fedinchuk.

The director and artistic director of the muzdram theater dedicated a separate post to the actor, who worked in this theater since 2016 Volodymyr Petriv: “You never stood still. Never stopped before obstacles. Always went ahead and acted. If he stumbled, he quickly got up. You knew how to support and say: “Don’t be a brat. We’ll fix everything now“.

Volodymyr Fedinchuk in the play “Cripple from Inishmaan Island”

Ukrainian theater actor Volodymyr Fedinchuk in 2012 he graduated from the Terebovlyan School of Culture, and in 2015 from the Rivne State Humanitarian University, majoring in “Theatrical Art”.

Before joining the Rivne Music and Drama Theater eight years ago, Fedinchuk worked at the Kolomyia Regional Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater.

Fedinchuk on stage

War takes away the best… Volodymyr worked in our theater from 2011 to 2016 and played in many plays, and in another 5 years he became our family. He remained like that, even when he went to work at the Rivne Music and Drama Theater. Talented, sincere, cheerful, ambitious, genuine… He was an incredible person!” – wrote colleagues from Kolomyia about the deceased actor.

Fedinchuk in “Granary”

The actor could be seen in all the main premieres of the Rivne theater in 2023: in “Aeneid” after Ivan Kotlyarevskyi played Aeneas, y “Christmas Story” after Charles Dickens – young Scrooge.

Volodymyr Fedinchuk in “Aeneid”

A Ukrainian musician and caricaturist from Rivne reacted to the death of Aeneas from the Rivne scene Yuri Zhuravel:

When I once again hear an angry expression:

“There are no irreplaceable people!”

I can’t hold back and spit in the marmiza,

Because our Aeneas died already in this war!”

He also shared a portrait of Volodymyr Fedinchuk.

Photo: Yuriy Zhuravel / Facebook

His theater colleagues also share their memories of the Rivne actor-defender.

how are you baby You asked about things so carefully. Maryna Yefimchuk, quickly go to the console, that’s how you called me on the broadcast to scare me (maybe I forgot during my exit). I’ve come to terms with the fact that you appropriated my “happy monkey” cup for yourself. But how to come to terms with the fact that the damned war took you away!” – the ballet dancer remembers about Fedinchuk Maryna Yefimchuk.

Photo: Maryna Yefimchuk / Facebook

“Volodya, my Makar drew you… He misses… You were dear to everyone who knew you”– accompanied her post with a children’s drawing Victoria Klishchenko-Pylipchuk.

Photo: Viktoriia Klieshchenko-Pylypchuk / Facebook

The main administrator of the theater Anna Domanska wrote: “You loved life so much… You, my friend, had a big heart to truly love Ukraine, and at the cost of your life, you confessed this to her“.

The actor went to defend the country from the Russian invaders only a few months ago – at the end of 2023. “…Fight.. You will overcome..” – this was one of the last posts of Volodymyr Fedinchuk in his social networks.

Photo: Volodymyr Fedinchuk / Facebook

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