Pre-medical care training for schoolchildren was started in Kyiv

Pre-medical care training for schoolchildren was started in Kyiv

In Kyiv, a training program on pre-medical care for schoolchildren was launched.

As reported by the Kyiv City Military Administration, the project is being implemented jointly with the Training and Training Center for Tactical Medicine KoLeSo. The first test lesson was conducted for 8th grade students of one of the capital’s schools.

The KMVA assumes that in the future such a curriculum (with the approval of educators) may become part of the school subject “Defense of Ukraine” or a separate discipline.

Implementation of such a program will help children learn the basics of medical care and develop important skills in this area.

Photo: Educational and training center of tactical medicine KoLeSo

“In the conditions of the large-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, in times of constant danger due to airstrikes by the enemy with missiles and drones, children should learn from their school desks how to provide basic first aid to themselves and save the lives of relatives and loved ones. Our mission is to make maximum efforts to protect everyone Ukrainian. Every saved life is important,” Serhiy Popko, head of the KMVA, said.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote that the Ministry of Education is considering updating the program of the practical part of the school subject “Defense of Ukraine”.

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