The BBC exposed a man from Kyiv who sold poison through suicide forums in Britain

The BBC exposed a man from Kyiv who sold poison through suicide forums in Britain


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BBC journalists have established the identity of a Kyivan who sold poison abroad: with the help of this substance, at least 130 people in Britain caused their own death.

A BBC investigation says Leonid Zakutenko advertised his services on a suicide forum and supplied desperate buyers with the same substancethat a chef from Canada Kenneth Lowewho was arrested last year.

An undercover journalist learned that Zakutenko sends five parcels with poison a week.

However, when investigators contacted Zakutenko for comment, he denied the allegations.

“It’s a lie”,” he replied, before covering the camera with his hand.

Another seller of the same poison fell into the hands of the police in May 2023. According to the investigation, the Canadian Kenneth Lowe sold the poison in 40 countries of the world and led to 93 deaths in Britain alone.

The 57-year-old chef worked in one of the elite hotels, and at the same time “helped” people get poisoned. He sold at least 1,200 substance kits and found customers online.

The BBC claims that Leonid Zakutenko has been selling the same chemical substance since at least November 2020 until now.

For a while, he even advertised his services on the same forum as the infamous chef.

Families of the dead are calling on British law enforcement to crack down on forums where people advise each other on how best to kill themselves or sell lethal substances.

The same appeals from the British received Google and Amazon, because many people bought the poison simply through these platforms.

At the same time, the country’s government assures that a new law on Internet security, passed last year, should limit users’ access to suicide forums.


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