The outbreak of hepatitis A in Vinnytsia was localized – Ministry of Health

The outbreak of hepatitis A in Vinnytsia was localized – Ministry of Health

An outbreak of hepatitis A in the Vinnytsia region was contained. The source of the infection is still being sought.

During a meeting with journalists, Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said that new cases of infection that appear are detected proactively – through examination of contact persons or in family homes, writes “Ukrinform”. The presence of infection is established during virological studies.

“The system of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and surveillance worked. We are now looking for the source. There are several options that have not yet been confirmed. As soon as they are confirmed, we will communicate what measures and management decisions have been taken to prevent such outbreaks from happening again in the future.” – says the minister.

According to Lyashko, 274 cases of hepatitis A were registered in Vinnytsia. Individual cases are also registered in other regions, but the Ministry of Health does not combine them into one outbreak and does not declare an epidemic.

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People from risk groups are vaccinated against hepatitis A in Vinnytsia

According to the minister, vaccination against hepatitis A of people belonging to risk groups is currently underway in Vinnytsia.

“We purchased the vaccine as one of the preventive stages of responding to a possible increase in infectious diseases after the terrorist attack by the Russian Federation at the Kakhovskaya HPP. There, we managed to prevent an outbreak using preventive methods, and today this vaccine is used in Vinnytsia. Currently, there is enough vaccine to vaccinate those risk groups that were subject to vaccination “, – explains Lyashko.

The minister emphasizes: the vaccine against hepatitis A is not included in the National Vaccination Calendar – it is used according to epidemic indications in a certain epidemic situation, and therefore is not supplied to the commercial market in large quantities.

Instead, the National Vaccination Calendar provides for hepatitis B vaccination.

“One hundred percent must be vaccinated, the vaccine is available both in maternity hospitals, where the first vaccination is given, and at family doctors”– says Lyashko.

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