The Webb Telescope has revealed the colorful Redwood Galaxy cluster. PHOTO

The Webb Telescope has revealed the colorful Redwood Galaxy cluster.  PHOTO

Astronomers with the help of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) received an image of a distant colorful cluster of galaxies, which they called the “Christmas tree”.

In a cluster of galaxies, the James Webb Space Telescope has detected twinkling “Christmas lights” in the form of 14 new transient objects celestial bodies that brighten dramatically, reports Space.

This galaxy cluster has the official name MACS041 and is located at a distance of about 4.3 billion light years from Earth.

We call MACS0416 the “Christmas Tree” galaxy cluster, both because of its color and because of the twinkling lights we see in it. These are individual stars that seem to suddenly brighten by orders of magnitude and then fade“, says Haojing Yang, associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Missouri.

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Photo: NASA

Light from the Christmas Tree cluster of galaxies began its journey through space when the Solar System, now 4.6 billion years old, was about 300 million years old.

Astronomers also found something else extraordinary in the “Christmas Tree” galactic cluster – ““monster star” that formed when the universe was 3 billion years old. They named the star “Mothra” because of its creepy appearance (Mothra is a giant monster known as kaiju in Japanese cinema).

What is particularly interesting about the Mothra galaxy is the fact that it was also visible and lenticular in Hubble Space Telescope images taken nine years ago.

According to the scientists, normally the lensing object and the background galaxy move over such a period of time, but Mothra’s home galaxy and the object that lensed it seem to “stick together”.

In the future, Ian and his team hope to find out the nature of this object and discover its new characteristics.

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