“Trouble, when all life is a mistake”: how Ukrainians react to the failure of “Diya” in the final of the National Selection

“Trouble, when all life is a mistake”: how Ukrainians react to the failure of “Diya” in the final of the National Selection

During the finals of the National Selection for Eurovision 2024, the Diya application, in which Ukrainians could vote for their favorite, crashed.

Social network users did not miss this event with their attention and, traditionally, began to joke about them.

“UP. Life” collected the wittiest memes.

“Eurovision” fans put “Action”

The X social network actively joked about the fact that “Action” could not withstand the load, and even “buried” the application.

Ukrainians have not forgotten the assurances of the creators of “Diya” that the application cannot be “installed”.

There were also memes about the rescue of “Dia”.

Some users expressed support for the application.

And there were those who satirized the failure in poetic form.

“I hope that the idea of ​​holding elections in Diya has finally died today,” – investigative journalist Danylo Mokryk summarized the consequences of the failure.

In social networks, the winners of the “National Selection” were a sign language interpreter and a presenter

Sign language interpreter Kateryna Zabotkina became the star of “National Selection” in Ukrainian social networks. She conveyed in sign language not only the words of the compositions, but also the rhythm, the sounds of the instruments and the fiery mood.

Due to such an emotional translation of songs, Ukrainians on social networks called to send her to Eurovision 2024 in Malmö.

Vasyl Baidak, one of the presenters of “National Selection”, was also not overlooked. Ukrainians mostly liked the comedian’s work style.

What happened to “Dia”?

As explained by the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, during the voting in the National Election, “Diya” registered a “record number” of users.

He noted that during the voting for Ukraine’s representative at Eurovision in 2023, the application received 800 requests per second, and this year – 15,000 requests.

Fedorov noted: although in comparison with 2023, the capacity of “Dia” was increased by 5 times, at the same time, 20 times more requests were received. Therefore, a huge queue was formed.

The minister apologized for the situation and assured that a detailed analysis and analysis will be made at Diya. Based on the received data, organizational changes will be implemented so that the application is ready for such waves of traffic.

Fedorov joked that in 2024, “Diya” gave the opportunity to support the favorites for a day longer and create dozens of memes. He emphasized that “there will be no such opportunity next year.”

Ukrainians will find out who will represent Ukraine at the song contest in Sweden today, February 4, at 19:05. There is still time to vote for your favorites.

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