Ukrainians will be able to get certificates for learning English through “eSupport”

Ukrainians will be able to get certificates for learning English through “eSupport”

In the future, Ukrainians will be able to receive certificates for learning the English language through “eSupport” as part of the project to popularize the English language.

This was stated by the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, Interfax Ukraine reports.

“If a person wants to learn English, but does not have financial opportunities, then according to certain criteria that will be determined in the future, he will be able to automatically receive a certificate to pay for tutoring or certain language courses”the minister said during the presentation of the national project to popularize the English language Future Perfect.

The Ministry of Statistics adds that they have already opened access to two free tools that will help improve English:

  • Promova is a language learning platform and app with a personalized approach;
  • Empower is a British initiative from Cambridge, available to all Ukrainian universities.
Photo: Ministry of Digital

“Also, together with the Government, we plan to create all the conditions for the development of Ukrainians”, – reports the Ministry of Statistics.

In particular, the agency announced the following changes:

  • Support for taking English courses will be introduced in Ukraine;
  • children will learn English from kindergarten;
  • schools will be taught by native speakers;
  • teachers will receive free training, internships, training courses, etc.;
  • English will become mandatory for every civil servant.

The Future Perfect project was launched after Volodymyr Zelenskyy submitted a draft law on Constitution Day to make English mandatory for officials.

“The program was created to popularize the language of international communication in Ukraine, to make its study simple and accessible to everyone: both for schoolchildren from villages and for civil servants from the capital.” – says the message of the Ministry of Digital.

It will be recalled that on June 28, the president submitted to the parliament draft law No. 9432 (on the use of the English language in Ukraine), which was supposed to oblige all officials to take exams in English, and also provided for the screening of films in Ukrainian cinemas in the original language.

However, the draft law was criticized by many well-known Ukrainians and Taras Kremin, the Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language.

The language ombudsman stated that the narrowing of the scope of the Ukrainian language, in particular during the screening of films, is unacceptable and violates the Constitution.

Then the Verkhovna Rada Committee supported the draft law, but after removing all the “innovations” about dubbing in the original language.

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