WHO called Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza a “death zone”: what is happening there

WHO called Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza a “death zone”: what is happening there

The World Health Organization’s humanitarian group has described al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip as a “death zone”.

The reason is high mortality among patients and shortages of medicine and water, Reuters reports.

The team noted that the situation is “desperate” because the largest and most modern hospital in Gaza practically does not function as a medical facility due to a shortage of clean water, fuel, medicine and other essentials.

Traces of shelling and shooting were obvious. The team saw a mass grave near the entrance to the hospital and was told that more than 80 people were buried there“, says the WHO statement.

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The corridors and grounds of the hospital were littered with medical and solid waste, and patients and medical staff expressed fears for their health and safety.

According to WHO, 25 medical workers and 291 patients, including 32 children in critical condition, remain in Al-Shifa.

The journalist, who also visited the hospital, told the BBC in a comment that there were only “patients who could not move and very few doctors“.

WHO representatives note that they are preparing a plan for the immediate evacuation of patients, staff and their families.

The Israeli military did not comment on the statement or the WHO visit.

It will be recalled that at the beginning of November, doctors from hospitals in the Gaza Strip reported a critical situation with painkillers. They said that they had to operate on the victims and perform amputations without anesthetics.

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